Professional Portfolio Management

Southern Pacific Asset Management believes portfolio management is far more than just investing in stocks and hoping they do well. We use proven investment models tailored to the client’s needs and long-term financial goals.

5 Steps to Building Your Personalized Profile


We Get to Know You

You talk to us about your financial goals and your unique situation.


Comprehensive Analysis

You receive a detailed analysis of your current portfolio.


Portfolio Recommendations

We review our recommendations to ensure you are comfortable with the plan.


Strategy Implementation

We implement and put your strategy to work in your investment accounts.


Ongoing Service

You and your Wealth Advisor meet regularly to discuss your portfolio and your ongoing needs.

Professional Portfolio Management by Southern Pacific Asset Management, LLC

Every client has specific needs. Let’s work together to create and maintain your tailored portfolio recommendation.

Investment Style

Client’s needs evolve and market conditions shift. That is why Southern Pacific Asset Management aims to improve the financial well-being of our clients by not only recommending an investment strategy, but helping clients meet their long-term objectives.

Our Approach

Southern Pacific Asset Management knows that every client has specific needs. We start with understanding your needs and create a tailored portfolio recommendation that focuses on those needs and adapts as time goes by and markets change.

Many investment advisors rely on one style of investing, such as value, momentum or growth. Sooner or later, one of those styles will fall out of favor and minimize your portfolio returns. Our investment model managers identify the most attractive investments and create diversified investment models that act dynamically over time so that clients do not find themselves bobbing in the market’s choppy waters.

Fee Structure

Our investment approach is not dictated by incentives to sell you specific products because we do not earn commissions on trades or commissionable products. We charge a competitive flat fee that is based on the size of our client’s portfolio, aligning our interests with that of our clients’ interests.

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